Music in your Teeth? Featuring Play-A-Grill

Usually GRILLS are worn to show how much bling and money you got like Nelly -- his <em>signature</em> look is the Gold bling aka jewelry on his teeth (his cannot play music though). But did you know there`s such thing as a GRILL that isn`t made out of diamonds but fake diamonds and allows you to listen to music through your teeth? It`s called "<strong>Play-A-Grill</strong>. It`s a GRILL that has an integrated MP3 Player that you control with your tongue. This is a device that uses bone conduction to transmit sound from the MP3 player through your teeth! This is obviously a concept but they are trying to improve it because right now if you were to use this, you have a bunch of wires popping out of your mouth. This device is basically a retainer with buttons that can be pressed with your tongue. Feature plans for this device is to make the wire wireless so you don`t have wires sticking out of your mouth and to more compact!

<strong>What do you think of this idea so far? GRILL fo` your mouth to listen to music?</strong> I think it`s totally WEIRD and not my style!

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