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4 years ago

My friend was bored at home on a late night and decided to browse on the Home Shopping Network. He ended up purchasing a little device called the <strong>Magic Bullet.</strong>

If you have not heard of the Magic Bullet, it is basically a little portable speaker that can connect to any MP3 playing device or even your computer.

I`m sure you can find this anywhere online and on infomercial sites or HSN. It retails for $10-15 but my friend purchased it for $20 + S&H and it came with 2 Magic Bullets!

- Music Bullet
- USB Cable (For charging the unit)
- Directions

<strong>HOW IT WORKS:</strong>
- There is a 20" retractable cord that pulls out from the cord chamber. At the end is a 3.5mm audio port, so you can plug it into various sources like your iPod, MP3 player, computer, smartphone, etc.
- Once you plug it in to a source, you can turn it ON/OFF through a switch on the device. A blue light indicates that it is on.
- There are two buttons on the sides of the unit. If you pressed this, the speaker "POPS UP". This is for increasing the bass!
- To turn off your unit, just unplug it from the audio port and switch to the OFF button. To pull in the retractable cord, just pull out to the full 20" length and the cord will automatically wind back into the cord chamber
- The Music Bullet already comes with a 40% charge, so you can play music immediately. After it dies, just charge it for a full 8 hours using the USB cable (connect it to a laptop/computer to charge) so that you maximize the battery life.

I LOVE this Music Bullet!!! I love how portable it is because I seriously carry it around with me everywhere. I feel like I have a little mini portable surround sound system with me. I like to hook my iPod up to the Music Bullet when I am driving or when I`m just hanging in my room or around the house. This thing seriously has amazing sound! It`s really loud, a lot louder than I expected. I also love how there`s an option for the Music Bullet to "pop up". When you do this, you can really hear the bass a lot better! Just know that some songs sound better with the bass off and some sounds better with the bass on.

<strong>OVERALL, I love my Music Bullet!</strong>
I`m really glad that I have it with me. It`s definitely useful to bring with you because you`ll be able to play music pretty much anywhere you go. It`s not expensive either so that`s awesome as well!

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