Mushroom Risotto

5 years ago

So I don`t have too much time because this quarter I`m taking 5 courses so I`m usually quite lazy when it comes to cooking but every once in a while, my friends and I will want to make something special and the special dish this time was risotto!

If you don`t know what risotto is, risotto is an Italian rice dish. I almost want to say it`s a porridge but I know its not because risotto isn`t soupy. But if you can imagine porridge but less soupy then that`s like risotto except risotto is also very creamy because you cook it with broth, not water.

I`ve always wanted to make risotto its just I know that risotto takes a long time. And it does but I do think it`s very much worth the wait. The reason risotto takes a long time is because unlike cooking just regular rice you have to add the broth (not water) slowly little by little and let the rice absorb it periodically. It`s a very slow and patient process but I think it`s done this way so that the rice gets the most of the broth flavor.

So I made a pretty simple risotto. White mushrooms, portabello, rice. Garnish with some chives and sprinkle with parmesan. It was so delicious! I love how creamy risotto is and the cheese with the broth rice is just heavenly. I`ve definitely found my favorite comfort food dish. So friend and I totally just knocked out after eating this because we were so full and our tummies were very happy. LOL

So what do you think of risotto? Like it? Don`t like it? Never tried it?

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