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5 years ago

A toilet is something that we use everyday even without noticing that just like every single thing in this world, it came through an evolution, like everything, it has an history behind it... So, sometimes we underrate toilets (What a beautiful sentence. lol )

It looks like someone has actually thought about this... and if you have doubts that there is a museum in the world for every different kind of things, you shouldn`t, because there really are museums for everything... As an example, take this Museum of Toilets, in India.

So, this museum is located in New Delhi, in India and as you can see it is a very simple room, but it actually has a very rich content with a lot of different toilets that really helps visitors to understand the history behind every toilet that we use everyday.

So just like any other museum, this one also has a guide that will lead visitors through the exposition while explaining every piece. One of the most curious things is that they even have a replica of the toilet of the king Louis XIII, that was a French king that liked to do his king duties while doing other kind of duties at the same time xD

At first this may look just like a funny and maybe stupid museum, but if you think about it, it is a serious museum that actually can teach you lots of things, like that curiosity about the king.

So, I think that if I ever have the chance to visit it, I`ll definitely do it.

And you? Would you like to visit this museum? Did you know that this museum exists?

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