Murder, Gangs and Fame!?! Say What!?!

4 years ago

SO the young man, Dorjan Lyndell Daniels, with a promising future has been charged with murer and currently sits in jail, in San Joaquin County waiting for a trial. What the heck happened. This cute child actor turned to gangs and violence? A tattoo on his face, really?!

Apparently he is being charges, along with two other men with stabbing another man outside of a night club in California.

He apparently found it more lucrative to become a member of the bloods street gang.

He actually has appeared in quite a few shows, like the Wayana Brothers, The hughleys, Coach and Grace Under Fire.

What is a child star to do? with the world in your hands and money in them too, I guess there is nothing to do but throw it all away.

Well if this young man is convicted, which I think he will be. He faces up to LIFE in prison. His next hearing is June 7 when jury trial is expected to be confirmed. This is so so sad. Why can`t these child stars go to college, open a business and live positive?

I mean really, a member of the bloods (I won`t dignfy that by making the "b" capitalized) street gang. It`s obsurd the life this poor kid took after having such a good jump start in life.

What do you think?

Is it the money, the fame or just they loose placement in the general society and don`t know how to come back in to it?

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