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Hey Luuuuxers!
Hows your morning?! So I spent a lot of time doing my wing eyelinder today because I was so bored, and this was the result of them! I did my makeup last, was debating rather I should go to school with/without, but since I had so much time I decide to put make up on, in the second picture, those are the items I use to do my almost daily life. So I always do my eyelinder first I go straight out and then conect to the other end. This progress is a lot easier when you have your eyes partly close because you want the line to be straight! thats how I do it. When I first doing wing, it took me a long to do the way I want and now, I can do not that quick but I slowly taking better. When I first did it, I thought doing it backward was easy, it worked but I didnt have a straight line whenever I close my eyes. A lot of people do the pen to do their wing, I dont think people should get that because they all look the same. And plus if its raining or crying for instant, its not going to be your best fried.. It will most def make you look really scary dripping them ink off. I recommed using their waterproof one!! Hahah that is the one I have. There is con and pros on this. The pro of this is that can make you look dif and its a lot sharper looking. The con of this is that you have to clean the brush cause if you dont its gets all grimy and its not good for your eye. Next I am using my Laura Mercier mascara . I absolutely love it! I love that its so small!!

How do you do your eyeliner

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