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4 years ago

So if you haven`t seen my other post I was talking about my haul and that when I went to the city with my mum. I didn`t include this in the other post because I wanted to talk about it in more detail.

Soo.. My mum was after a top for this party right, we went into Forever New and saw this top which I thought would be really nice for her. She tried it on and she like it so we got it.
I bought it for her, which it cost around $70. I would have gotten a 10% discount because it was the school holidays but I forgot to bring my student ID, silly me! :(

I think this top is so gorgeous. I`m in love with it but I haven`t worn it yet. I found out it was a size 6 not an 8 when we got home so I decided to try it on to see if it fitted me. It does but it`s a little loose, so i`ll probably wear a belt with it if I did choose to wear it sometime in the future... It still fitted her and she wore it to the party.

I love the fact that it has a lace back and shoulder, haha i`m an absolute sucker for lace! And I also loved the fact that it had gold buttons. I think it made the top looks more expensive and pretty LOL.
There was the same blouse but with short sleeves that ended at the elbow. I liked that one way more but we got this one instead because.. Well I don`t know haha.. I put the link to the other top in the links!!!!

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