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4 years ago

I hardly ever post outside of the beauty universe. I need to change that starting now. LOL This is actually a very old picture...over a month old. I take lots of food pictures but I never post about it. It usually just goes on my instagram and then forgotten. >.<

Over a month ago, one of my best friends and I were volunteering at a cancer screening event. We went as vietnamese translators...I was more of a vietnamese guide to other booths and to find more efficient translators. LOL I am very poor at speaking vietnamese fluently. For the most part I mix english and vietnamese together and if you`re asking me to translate medical words well I will just stare at you blankly, pull out google translate on my phone and let you read what it says. LOL

After volunteering, we got really hungry and my best friend was in the mood for a burger. I suggested we try <strong>Mugshots Grill and Bar</strong> because I`ve heard many great reviews from others there. We were really hungry when we got there but for some weird reason our cravings changed and we really wanted Wingstop. We didn`t want to leave immediately so we decided to just share an entree and if we were still hungry then go to Wingstop. ROFL >.<

Good thing we decided to share because that burger was BIG! We also got an appetizer thinking there would only be a few shrimps but in reality it was a lot.

The burger we ordered was suggested by the waiter called the <strong>McDONALD</strong> burger. It comes with an 8 oz. seasoned beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, ranch, BBQ sauce, tomato, lettuce, and red onion and a side of french fries for only $8.79. The burger was definitely worth the money, especially if you`re sharing. It was delicious, maybe one of the best burger places I`ve tried and not too overwhelming.

The appetizer we order is the <strong>POW POW Shrimp</strong>. The menu describes it as a generous portion of lightly battered and friend shrimp tossed in sweet `n spicy Thai sauce. I guess we read over the "generous portion" part of the menu LOL. The appetizer cost $8.99 and is definitely worth the money. It was cooked perfectly and not too sweet. I liked to wrap mine with the lettuce before dipping it into the sauce.

I was very impressed with the restaurant that I visited the place again with my brother and ordered to go recently. It`s just down the street from where I live and a lot fresher and better than the fast food joints. The pricing of the food is only a few bucks more expensive than the fast food places and the quality is way better. Sadly it`s only located in a few cities and just in the Gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

<strong>What is your favorite burger joint? What is your favorite food type when eating out?</strong>

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