MUFE Mat Velvet+ Foundation Review

5 years ago

I was going through my makeup and stumbled upon the MUFE Mat Velvet+ Foundation I bought centuries ago. I totally forgot that I had this. I think it`s a sign that I should probably stop buying makeup...but I know that`s never going to happen haha. I have absolutely no self control :[. Since I found it, I thought I`d give it a try. I actually had 2 tubes but ended up returning one since I won`t be using it anytime soon.

I bought this in the summer so It`s a shade too dark for my skin now. I still went ahead on used it and made sure to blend like crazy! The reason I bought this was because it`s oil free and matifying. My face is an oil slick so anything that will help keep the oil at bay is promising. Plus the reviews that I`ve seen have all been positive.

Anyways, the foundation comes in a plastic squeeze tube, very similar to the tubes decorating frosting comes in. I really like the packaging since you can control how much product comes out. The foundation is very creamy and very blendable. It was a pretty full coverage foundation which I love. 2 layers was more than enough to cover a majority of my imperfections. The only thing I didn`t like was that it emphasized any dry patches on your skin. I didn`t keep it on for too long since it didn`t really match. I left it for about 3 hours and in those 3 hours I didn`t see any change but I don`t think that was a long enough time to see if it really does keep your skin matte. From the reviews I`ve seen, it`s supposed to be a very long staying foundation. I`ll probably wear it more in the summer when my skin is a bit darker and do an update.

So far I think it`s a good foundation. I love that it`s full coverage and keeps your matte. This is going to be the perfect foundation for the summer when I get extremely oily. It about $34 which is a bit pricey, but well worth it. Once it becomes a bit warmer and I get darker, I`ll have to re-try the foundation. I`m hoping that I`ll get good results! So have any of you tried the Mat Velvet+ Foundations before? If you have, how do you like it?

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