Mrs. Freshley`s Mini Powedred Donuts

7 months ago

Ok, I admit ... I am a huge fan of those mini powdered donuts. I was introduced to these way back in high school when my school started to install vending machines which sold snacks. And I had a pyshiology teacher who was nice enough to allow us to have snacks during class. This tempted me to pay a visit to the vending machine and I leaned toward the donuts cause the other treats I was able to get elsewhere. Ever since high school ended , I hardly ever purchased it again.
Until these past few years when my kids wanted to bring some snacks to school. And of course I try to look for deals. Which lead me to well know brands such as Hostess and Little Debbies which sometimes goes on sale at my local grocery store like Safeway. I`ve tried both and prefer Little Debbies over Hostess.
But now I prefer Mrs. Freshley`s over the others. In my opinion it just tastes better. Sometimes I find there`s this after taste or some tingling feeling that gets leftover in my throat after consuming these. But the Mes. Freshley`s one doesn`t. And these are much cheaper too. The Debbies are $1.99 for 10 oz and the Mrs. Freshley`s are 99 cents for 7 oz and it comes wrapped in packs of 4 with a total of 16 mini donuts. So there`s no need to use a extra bag to pack it up. Just throw it in the lunch bags and the kids are good to go. And you won`t need to open the whole bag if you just feel like eating a few.
And these were purchased at the 99 cents only store. I only grabbed one packag to test it out first. Now that I have and love it and the price is in my favor, I`m definitely going back to pick up a couple of boxes once in a while for my kids` snacks and for me too... Lol
But as always , make sure to check he date on them. I saw some that were good till 3/30/16 and the one I picked up were good till 4/16/16. So just make sure to look. Now I`m gonna be on a look out for other goodies at the 99 cents only store.

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