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<strong>Mr. Pizza</strong> is probably one of my favorite restaurants to eat at. It`s a casual place that serves good food at good prices. At first I thought it sounded kind of pricey for what I was getting, but then I realized that the portions are quite big and I always end up packing leftover food to take home. I`ve been here a good number of times and two of my favorite things to order are: the pastas and the pizzas. Though if it`s your first time here, then I would recommend ordering one of their specialty pizzas because it`s totally different than the regular pizzas we eat at Papa John`s or Pizza Hut.

I was at Mr. Pizza a few weeks ago with a huge party of almost 20 people and we ordered a bunch of food to share. Three of us shared a pasta dish and a large pizza.

The pasta dish was slightly spicy linguine pasta with meatballs and shrimp. I can`t remember the name, but it was really tasty. Though I would say their pastas are not your typical Italian-style pastas. There`s definitely a different taste to it. Afterall, it is a Korean restaurant so I personally feel there is a slightly Asian taste. It`s hard to pinpoint what it is, but the flavor is different. Regardless, it`s still really delicious.

As for the pizza, we ordered half/half. So we were able to get two different specialty pizzas. On one half we ordered the <strong>Potato Gold Pizza</strong> which is a really popular choice. On the other half we ordered the <strong>Seafood Pizza</strong>. The unique thing about these pizzas is the crust. Now, I usually don`t like eating pizza crust, but at Mr. Pizza I always eat all my crust lol. Why? Because the crust has <strong>sweet potato</strong> on top and it`s also stuffed with sweet potato. It sounds a little funky, but I love it! I love the flavors of slightly sweet and savory. The sweetness isn`t overwhelming because it`s just the natural sweetness that comes from a sweet potato.

<em>Have you eaten at Mr. Pizza before? What are your favorite pizza toppings?</em>

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