Mr. Cupcakes is freakin awesome.
I didn`t always know about this place. But I`m glad I found out about it.

I forgot how I came across this place. I think I heard of this great cupcake place in my town but I never knew where it was located. I went on Valentine`s Day, I believe 2 years ago. I bought 20 cupcakes. :) They are $1.50 each cupcake and the mini ones are $1. It was 10 for my mom & 10 for my best friend, ana (my valentine).

Anyways, we haven`t had their cupcakes in the longest. So I decided to surprise my mom and get her her favorite. <strong>RED VELVET</strong>! A moist red cake with cream cheese icing. yummy.

I only bought two. Which cost me a total of $3.

<em>Mr. Cupcakes does have a variety of different flavors.
Their Top 5 are:
- Red Velvet (a moist red cake with cream cheese icing)
- French Toast (maple syrup & cinnamon baked inside, topped with white frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon)
- Birthday Cake (yellow cake topped with butter cream icing and sprinkles)
- Oreo Cheesecake (chocolate cake with Oreo`s baked inside, topped with chocolate cream cheese icing and Oreo crumbs)
- MIMIS Cookie Jar (yellow cake with Oreo and MIMIS cookies baked inside, butter cream icing with cookie crumbs on top)</em>

Personally, I have tasted the birthday cake cupcake before and it is dry for me. blehhh

<strong> My 2 favorites are Red Velvet & Carrot cake!


~~ What`s your favorite cupcake?
~~ Ever had Mr. Cupcakes?

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