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4 years ago

Hey everyone, I feel that lately there hasn`t been anything in theaters I`ve gotten too excited to watch, and it`s funny because I`ve already seen two movies and was about to watch a third even though I don`t actually feel like it`s a good use of my money. Sad me :(. Anyways here are some movies that I can`t wait until they come out and I`ll try to see them in theaters:
Oz: The Great and Powerful: Featuring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. I love the idea that we get a look into the witches (played by awesome actresses, I love Mila and Rachel!) and we finally get a back story to the wizard, Oz! Looks like it is full of fantasy and action, as well as some comedy. Looking forward to this, it`s coming out on March 8th!
The Great Gatsby:It`s Leonardo DiCaprio. Need I say more? I`ve heard of the book for a long time, but I never knew what it was about. I saw the trailer for this and it looked amazing! I want to read the book while I wait for this to come out on May 10.
Despicable Me 2:I found the first movie so hilarious, so cute, and heartwarming. It was a great family film and I`m excited to see what the second one will be like. I love the minions! So much that I actually did a manicure of them!Click /viz/nails-day-minions to see that! This comes out around July 3rd!
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones:Oh. My. God. I am so freaking excited!!! They are making a movie out of my favourite book series! Featuring Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell-Bower and more this movie is about a teenage girl who stumbles upon a whole other world right in Manhattan after her mother is attacked and kidnapped by a demon. She learns so much about her past, her true family, and herself as she struggles to rescue her mom. So so so so pumped for this one. It better be as wonderful as the books are! Comes out on August 23rd. I have my calendar marked!!
Avatar 2:I finished watching the Avatar (by James Cameron) a few days ago for the third time and it just blew my mind away as always. I was so sad that I never saw this in theaters. It would have been phenomenal in 3D!! Now I`m impatiently awaiting the second Avatar so that I can finally experience it in 3D or IMAX. comes out Christmas of 2014. Why so long?!?! It better be amazing to make up for how long I`ll have to wait! There are a few others I noted that I want to see, but I`m not pumped for which include: The Heat, The Internship, and Oblivion Those are all the movies I`m excited to see!
What movies are you excited to see? Do you share any with me?
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