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4 years ago

Lately I have been really interested in the movie `Talhotblonde` The title refers to the username of the teen in. This movie is a remake about the documentary, so everything actually happened in real life! keep in mind! The story of this movie is really intriguing to me because it`s got a huge twist.

Talhotblonde is a beautiful 18 year old blonde ( obviously) , her name is Jessi and she likes to go on gambling sites and talk to guys . She discovers this handsome man that is currently a marine , the marine goes by the user `marinesniper` . Marinesniper whose name is Thomas Montgomery is actually a 47 year old man with a wife and two daughters. Thomas uses his old marine photo to make Jessi think that he is a a young 18 year old. Jessi refers to him as tommy.

Jessi quickly falls in love with tommy sending him little gifts like a promise necklace/panties but soon calls him out on the fact that he is lying and isn`t really who she thinks he is.

Thomas wants to end the relationship but later finds out that his co worker brian is having an affair with her. Thomas gets angry and murders Brian.

And do you want to now the biggest twist to this?
Jessi is actually a 46 year old woman who used her daughter photo and pretended to be her. In the end Thomas goes to prison and is sentenced to 20 years, and Jessi`s mother Mary gets let off the hook. Can you believe that? ! she should have gone to prison for using her daughter and playing a part in the murder of a young man !

If you want to watch the movie you can only watch it on lifetime because it`s not up anywhere online yet, but if you want to watch the doc, go to letmewatchthis(dot)com

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