Movie Review: Resident Evil Retribution (2012)!

4 years ago

Hi there,

I watched the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise yesterday. I am one of those people who watched the first 2 Resident evil movies but kind of gave up on it.

I decided to watch Retribution which is the fifth movie. The trailer looked good and I am a fan of Milla Jovovich.

The movie had characters from the past movies and don`t worry if you did not watch all the movies, Alice (Milla) recaps the whole story in the beginning of the movie (thank God lol).

The Umbrella Corporation is still functioning and Alice wakes up in the center of its remaining facility. She is the only hope against Umbrella and someone decides to help her escape.

The whole movie is about Alice trying to get out of the huge subterranean Umbrella facility alive. She comes face to face with zombies, La Plagas, giant flesh eating monsters etc. and only has 2 hours to get out.

The movie was okay. I liked the fighting scenes. But the way it ended, I cannot believe there is going to be a 6th movie! I wonder when they are going to finally destroy the Umbrella Corporation?

I don`t think it offered anything new from the past movies, it is just a continuation of the same story.

I rate it 6/10.

Do you like Milla Jovovich?
Are you a Resident Evil fan?

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