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Hey everyone! Last friday my friend and I went to go see Oblivion in theaters. In my opinion it was a totally waste of 14 bucks. The best thing about the movie is probably the fact that Morgan Freeman was in it. The acting was pretty good except Andrea Riseborough`s character seemed a bit stiff at times... BUT THE PLOT WAS TERRIBLE. I`m so sick of these new movies trying to be all mysterious and full of twists like Inception. It just falls flat and ends up being confusing. Oblivion was no exception. Throughout the movie they kept introducing more and more new ideas which just made it even more confusing. PLUS the movie was waaayyy to long. They dragged it out for such a long time. And the beginning was boring too. In the end. please don`t waste your money on this film. Wait for netflix instant queue or something if you must see Morgan Freeman but this film was a complete disappointment...

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