Movie Review: In Time

In Time stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried and is a metaphorical play on how money rules the world and the more money you have the more invincible you can become. This of course is played out using time as money and everything is payed for by taking hours, days, weeks, etc., off someones life. People work to live longer (which is ironic in itself) and the rich live to be hundreds of years old while the poor die young because they don`t make enough "time" to support themselves or their families to live. I LOVED this movie! It was amazing, it was done well and the actors portrayed their characters perfectly. My only complaint... and it really is stupid I will totally admit, but Amanda Seyfried`s character has short dark brownish hair in this movie and it`s painfully obvious that it`s a wig. It`s a really bad wig. I know, stupid to bring up but I`m a girl and I notice these things. Back to the movie itself, It`s awesome and really makes you think about how the world works! I highly recommend it so if you haven`t already you should check it out!! Thanks for reading!
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