Movie Review: Chronicle (2012)

4 years ago

Hi there,

Chronicle is a movie that came out earlier this year but I`m not sure if many people heard about it.

I saw the preview and it didn`t look amazing but I finally decided to watch it and I actually found it was good!

Chronicle is about 3 High school Seniors who come across a weird extra terriestrial and something strange happens that gives them all super powers.

As their powers get stronger, things get a bit out of control and their friendship is tested.

I think the acting and characters in the movie was good.
Andrew is the withdrawn,quiet one, his cousin Matt is smart, popular and Steve is the school president,football star and very popular one. They are all joined by this common gift but things go seriously wrong as one of them grows hungry for power and starts losing control.

It is cool to have special powers like flying and using telekinesis to move things. But what would do with that power?

I rate this movie as 7/10 for good plot,action and acting.

I recommend watching might like it :)

Have you seen this movie?

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