Movie Review: Battle Royale (2000)

5 years ago

Hi there!

I watched Battle Royale this week and I was impressed! Stephen a.k.a Brooklyn Mak posted about this movie a while ago and it sounded good so I found a copy online with English subtitles.

Battle Royale is a Japanese movie released in 2000 actually based on a 1999 book. I never read the book but the story line was good and original for the movie.

Now don`t worry it is not a scary movie. I would describe it as action/thriller. There is a lot of killing and violence in this movie so be warned! It is banned in several countries!

Unlike Hunger games where you had to kill strangers, in this movie a 9th grade class was chosen randomly and you had to kill your best friends! Evil right?

It gets get food and weapons but you have a time limit! They attached a neck collar containing an explosive. If there is no victor on Day 3 all the devices will detonate!

Their former teacher Kitano was quite a character I must say. He absolutely hated the children! I really liked Shuya, Noriko and kawada, the computer guy was really smart too.

The actual battle was really good and believable when it came to how children would act in that situation. Some refused to kill their friends, some couples took their lives and some played the game.

Rating: 9/10 for originality, good characters and some funny parts believe it or not.

Have you seen this?
What would you have done if you were in a Battle Royale?
I would either kill myself or try to find a way out.

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