Movie Review: AfterEarth

3 years ago

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to get this review up for a while now. I actually went to the movies and watched the movie, AfterEarth the day that it came out. The movie came out May 31, which is the same day that I watched it in the theatres. I went with my boyfriend but now he`s an ex, another story for another time. I don`t even know why we went to go watch this movie since I actually wanted to watch the Fast & Furious movie but it was showing at a time we couldn`t do since AfterEarth it was. If you haven`t seen the movie yet, I think its actually the second movie where both Will Smith and his son act in. Its actually a pretty good movie where the timeline is set in the future where Earth is shown as a plant that is dangerous to humans and no humans have set foot on the planet in over 1000 years. Plus there are these monsters (I forget what they are called) that are somewhat blind and can track and kill you by your fear. To be able to kill these monsters, you have to become fearless or what they call it, GHOST. Will Smith is actually one of these and his job is to go and kill these monsters. I won`t tell you guys anymore because I don`t want to ruin it for those who haven`t watched it yet but its a pretty good movie. It is a bit slow at the beginning but starts to have more action later on.
QUESTIONS: Have you seen AfterEarth yet?
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