Movie: Premonition

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Hi Luuuxers! I wanna blog about this movie. I recall having gone to the theaters years ago (well not that many) to see it in the movie theaters. I went with my sister Stephanie.

I thought the movie was pretty much just average, but have always considered it to have something special in it. Maybe it`s just because they used Sandra Bullock, lol, I don`t really know.

But funny thing is that I was just remembering it a couple of days ago, and guala, today it was playing on the channel FX!

So I was like, "I was just thinking about you, movie", and I sat down and watched. It was nice to see it again after so long.

I think that this movie has something very ironic, well... the moral of the story is somewhat ironic. It pretty much says, "don`t lie to your wife that you`re going to a business meeting, when in reality you`re going to meet up with your lover out of town, because you will die!" lol.

Have any of you seen this cool movie? Did you enjoy it? Come on luuuxers! you`ve atleast gotta like the irony to the moral of the story.

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