Movie: Chronicle

5 years ago

Has anyone been to the movies lately? I personally haven`t for a long time because it has gotten so expensive!! I believe it`s up to $12 per person now?? Goodness! But last week, I received a email saying there`s a deal for 50% off AMC movie tickets. I decided to grab their 4-pack (originally priced at $48, and I got it for $24), and figured it`s about time my boyfriend and I watch a movie. So today, we went to the movies to watch
Chronicle. I didn`t know anything about it because I don`t really watch tv so I wasn`t sure what was out. But my friends said it was a good movie so I figured, why not?
My Thoughts: I kinda liked it. It gave me a bit of a headache (it`s one of those movies where one of the characters is filming the whole thing so there were moments of shakiness), but it`s not as bad as The Blair Witch Project so it`s ok. It brought me back a little bit to my childhood when I used to watch the tv series
Charmed and how I wanted to be like them with super powers; I wanted telekinesis. My boyfriend and I started joking around waving our hands around pretending like we have powers. haha. Then he said that if I wanted to fly, all I had to do was fart really loud and I`d shoot up the sky. *sigh... boys =/ This is not an A movie for me, but it`s pretty cool I thought. You guys can go check it out for yourself, and see if it`s to your liking ^__^
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