Move over Angry Birds, HELLO TEMPLE RUN!

5 years ago

I was scrolling through the Top apps on my phone and Temple Run was on the list. I saw people posting pictures of their temple run scores on twitter and instagram and figured... why not download it. It`s free anyways and if I hate it, I`ll just delete it.

I AM SO HAPPY I DOWNLOADED IT! This game is truly addicting. You are in control of the guy that is running away from these "monsters"... they sound like gorillas. The object of the game is to keep running away from them while collecting coins/treasures. The only things you have to do is turn right, turn left, swipe upward to jump or swipe downward to slide underneath objects. The game is pretty much never-ending... and you just continue running and running and running to see how far you can get before you die from falling through cracks or slamming an object.

I used to be addicted to Angry Birds, Words with friends, Charadium... but this game has definitely knocked them all out of the way. Whenever I`m bored, I click on this app and start playing it and it helps time pass by. I`m not a gamer-- the only consoles I`ve owned are all by Nintendo and I guess Nintendo systems lack in graphics compared to my brothers` xbox... however, I truly think the graphics in this game for the iPhone are very good... but like I said, that`s just my opinion-- and I`m not a gamer expert.

Have you played this game? What is your highest score?
So far, my highest score is only 91,050.

*Picture belongs to me. Screenshot of my iPhone. However, the application icons/graphics belong to their rightful owners which include Instagram, Wow Bao, Forever21, Charadium, Temple Run, LivingSocial, Sephora, H&M, Doodle Jump, Groupon, Apple.*

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