Move Fitness Tank Monitors Your Exercise

4 years ago

We all know proper form is important when it comes to working out and not all of us can afford to see a personal trainer and pay someone $20+/hr to show them the correct form. That`s okay though because the idea behind the Move Fitness Tank prototype designed by Jennifer Darmour of Electricfoxy has built in electronics that not only collect data with stretch-and-bend sensors, but also give intermittent reminders about maintaining the right body posture. This would be good for workouts such as Yoga and Pilates that require utmost precision. I personally think this would be a neat idea if it comes onto the market. If it isn`t too expensive I would try it out probably. It`d be funny if it zapped you if your posture/poses were incorrect haha.

Would you buy something like this to correct your posture while exercising or during day to day activities?
Would you like it to have a zapping or shocking feature? Haha

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