Mountain Dew`s Amp Energy Drink

5 years ago

I have been on an energy drink kick as of late. Waking up super early in the morning and staying up later than I should at night, in combination are making me a very exhausted person come mid-week. Typically Monday-Wednesday I am completely fine, but Thursday and Friday? If I blink too long I may very well fall asleep haha. No, it`s not that bad, but I can just tell I`m sluggish. Sure, go to sleep earlier, but that`s not always easy when you have a ton of stuff to do and like a 3-hour window to get it ALL done. So in the interim I have been drinking an energy drink when I feel the need to have one. Today, while at Walgreen`s I picked up this energy drink by Mountain Dew, it`s in their Amp Energy Drink line. I happened to snag the sugar free version, but they do have a LOT more flavors in the sugar`d variety. I have had the sugar`d ones in the past and they are good and I will say the sugar free is palatable. It has a bit of a mountain dew taste but is tarter. It does energize me and does NOT make me jittery, which I appreciate. Overall I do like these -- I still say my Rockstar (the pink can) is my favorite, but I will grab this if it`s not available.

Do you drink energy drinks? If so, what is your favorite brand of energy drink?
Have you ever had this particular drink?

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