Mountain Dew. Do you like it too?

Ok Luuuxies! Time for me to brag about my favorite soda ever! I love this soda. It`s so darn good and so refreshing when it`s cold. It`s Mountain Dew ofcourse! Silly goose, what else would be it. Lol.

Ever since I was a kid I have loved Mountain Dew! I don`t recall the first time I tried, but chances are that I got out of a vending machine at a laundry room where I used to live. I remember I would get sodas from there all the time.

I think that the artwork for the can and cartoons is awesome, the flavor is so mellow is you will. There is only one downside to it, I think. I just don`t like the fact that it can get so darn sweet. And I don`t know if this is true, but apparently it`s not good for men`s sexual health or something like that. Anyone heard of something like that?

But nonetheless, I love it! I`ll even have it with breakfast, believe it or not! Just today I filled up a cup of ice and poured me some Moutain Dew.

Do you all like it? Thoughts?

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