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Next on my tour of Mountains of North Carolina I recommend going to, is the most famous mountain in North Carolina and of the entire Appalachian Mountain range. Mount Mitchell. Where to begin on this one? There`s so much to talk about on this mountain. Ok first of all it`s most famous for being the highest peak east of the Mississippi River and of the entire Appalachian Mountain range standing at 6,647 ft (about 2,026 m). Named after the man who first measured it but died in a fatal fall off the mountain after he did so, Elisha Mitchell, whose tomb is on top of the mountain. The mountain is located near the small town of Burnsville, NC in Yancy County. The Blue Ridge Parkway also runs right by it near its base. Mount Mitchell has some of the best, if not THE best views in all the Appalachian Mountains. The State Park it is in is filled with picnic areas, camp grounds. several Ranger stations, a couple weather stations, miles and miles of trails, 2 educational centers with a museum, and much more so it is very Family Friendly and a wonderful place to visit. Before 2006 its most famous attraction was it`s Summit weather station and observation tower (3rd picture), However due to severe structural faults and the foundation of it starting to crumble it was torn down in 2006 and replaced by a large Observation deck (4th picture). Sadly the top of Mount Mitchell is also a prime place to see Acid rain and its consequences in action. An estimated 50% of the forest on top of the mountain is made up of dead trees, killed by acid rain (see second picture). As such there are several educational hikes hosted by several state and national Rangers about the damages acid rain and air pollution can cause. The dead forests on top of Mount Mitchell was one of the main reasons why the EPA was formed and thanks to their efforts several areas on top of the mountain have shown signs of healing. But it`s going to take several more generations for most of the damage to be reversed. Despite this Mount Mitchel is still one of the most beautiful places to stop along the Blue Ridge Highway and the most Famous. So if you`re ever taking a tour of the Blue Ridge Highway then stopping by Mount Mitchel is a MUST. Whether it be for the scenic beauty or just to brag to your friends that you were the highest person east of the Mississippi for a while.

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