Motorcylce made from diapers and baby products!

2 years ago

Hello all, this is my first attempt at a Motorcycle made out of baby diapers and baby products! I made this for my new baby cousin`s baby shower. I came across this channel on youtube named `Thom`s Crafts and Treats` and got the idea there. Here is the link for it if any of you are interested:

It`s pretty easy to make, to save on money I got majority of the items at a dollar store. I got the monkey at target for $10. And the colorful foam letters, I got at dollarama (it`s sticky on the bottom, so no need for glue!). The white bristle board, my mom got for me from her work place. So I didn;t spend a ton of money on this at all!

First I made the wheels out of the diapers. I used a pot to line all the diapers in a circle to make the wheels tight and sturdy. I used about 16 Diapers for each wheel and put an elastic band over it. Next I folded a receiving blanket vertically and tightly to pull through both middle parts of the wheels so they can hold the wheels up. Next I folded about 3 diapers in half to place in the middle of the two wheels to make it look like a seat for the bike.

Next up was the handle bars which I took another blanket and folded it tightly and put it through the front wheel and I also put a sippy cup in between the bottom part of where the blankets folds up to make it look like headlights lol. Oh and I placed elastic bands all around the blankets to hold it in place. That`s pretty much it, and you just decorate the rest of the bike how you would like. I added bibs on the top part of each wheel. I also added those bottle brush cleaners on each back side to make it look like an exhaust lol.

Lastly I added the money on top, I bought sunglasses for the monkey too but it`s not pictured here. I also added 2 pacifier on each handles of the sippy cup to make side mirrors of the bike.

I had fun making this! I got a lot of comments on this at the babyshower. I thought it was a cute and neat gift for my little cousin. Oh and I added his name in foam letters on each side of the board to make it more personalized :)

Photo`s are my own :)

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