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Now that the weather is getting nicer, it`s time to start working out again. I like to consider myself a fairly active person, but Winter really slows me down. I get seasonal depression & am unmotivated to get moving. I decided to stick to easy workouts for my first week. I have a gym membership to Planet Fitness, but rarely go. I prefer to workout at home, it`s easier for me to find the time to do it. I hate running on a treadmill, and prefer classes to straight weight lifting. I like to keep things fresh so I don`t get bored with the workouts.
Monday I went for a 20 min light interval walk/run. It was a very cold & windy day. I hate running in the cold, lung burn slows me down.
Tuesday DVD Level 1 30 min. I was a little sore from my run, and figured yoga will help me stretch and loosen up.
Wednesday DVD 50 min I used to dance and this workout reminds me so much of warmups!
Thursday Rest day. My legs are so sore from the ballet DVD. I thought about doing some yoga or Pilates, but had a terrible headache (sinus pressure from a snow storm coming in)
Friday 1 hours of shoveling snow. We were only supposed to get around 3 inches of snow, but due to the higher elevation I live in, we ended up with around 8 inches. I knew the weather was going to warm up & most of it would melt by the weekend, but I still needed to shovel off some areas where my boyfriend & I park our cars.
Saturday Rest day. My shoulders were sore from all the shoveling I did the day before. I was also really busy running errands & didn`t have time to do anything.
Sunday 35 min light run/walk interval. The weather was nice & I was able to run a little harder than Monday. I`m still taking it easy though, my joints get stiff & I don`t want an injury because I`m pushing myself too quickly. Besides the hiccup of the snow, overall I had a good week. I want to take it slow at first, I don`t want to burn myself out too quickly. Feeling the burn is great, but limping & not being able to move will only set me back & discourage me. Hopefully this week I`ll start to step it up a notch. I also charged up my fit bit and am excited to track my stats. (Here`s a link to my post about my )
Questions: 1. Bikini season is around the corner, what are you doing to prepare? 2. Do you workout out at home or at the gym? ~*~ Image is mine, taken on my phone ~*~

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