Motivation - Burn 100 calories NOW!

4 years ago

I know its hard.

Trust me, I`ve been in the same situation as you.
Looking into the mirror and realizing your body can look better, you can look better.

But it`s early in the morning, you`re tired and you`d rather stay in bed. But you keep telling yourself, I will find time later in the day. But you never do.

Trust me, everyone`s been in that situation. When you know you should work out, but you just can`t find the motivation to.

Your best bet, is to leap out of your bed, without a second thought. Even while your mind is asleep, just start walking around, you`ll be awake.

Put on your shoes and gym clothes and just start moving. Within 5 minutes, you are fully awake and you suddenly have the energy to keep going.

Before you know it, you`re done a 30 minute run and burned 250 calories.

But if you`re still in bed, you will have done nothing.

Even if you don`t feel like going for a run, do this quick exercise at home, you don`t even need running shoes. Within 10 minutes, you would`ve burned 100 calories! It`s that easy.

What I like to do is have a yoga mat ready right outside my room. This way, there is no excuse.

Just do it!

Hope that helps.

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