Motion Sensitive Travel Alarm

4 years ago

I have never traveled alone before, but may be traveling for work later this year for training. So I`ve never been in a hotel room all by myself so don`t know how safe or unsafe I`d feel. But perhaps I should invest $15 into this motion sensitive travel alarm to put on my hotel door knob. It emits a piercing noise when it is triggered to try and deter intruders. There was a time though when we went away on vacation and I can`t remember why but me and my man were separated and someone tried to use their hotel key in my slot and I got freaked out and locked the second set of doors to the room because there was the main door and one that locked the bedroom from the living area with the tv. So I did get freaked out and peeped through the peep hole of the second set of doors to make sure no one came in. But luckily they didn`t get in :p.

Have you ever had someone try and get into your hotel room and hear your door knob move and jiggle?
Did you get freaked out?

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