Mothers Day Gifts - Floral Dress+Bracelets

4 years ago

Mothers Days was couple of weeks ago and i have thought of making this post before but only now got around to make it. Like in all mothers day, i got my mom some gifts and this was tough to pick something because i didn`t want to offer shoes or bags, which is something i offer her often in times like that because i know she likes it but she has a lot of shoes and i want to offer something different.

So, after some browsing a lot of stores with some help from a friend, my cousin and even my mom( she was looking at the online store and without saying anything, i took note of what she liked in the online store =D but they didn`t had much of that in actual store anymore), and seeing different stuff i ended up getting her this dress, which is great now that the temperatures are higher and i also the golden bracelets that came in pack, all of those, for some bling lol

Both the floral dress and the golden bracelets were bought at Blanco, a Spanish store that also has stores in Portugal and i believe they have in more countries in Europe ( dont know about USA or Asia though =/).

She really liked the bracelets, wearing them in almost every outfit recently and she likes the dress a lot also because apparently she has been wanting to get a floral dress in a long time and this one suits very well.
Im glad i didn`t went for the easy road of bags/shoes lol and that she really liked the gifts.

Now tell me,
<strong>What do you think of the gifts i got for my mom?
What did you bought for mothers day?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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