Mothers Day at Feast India

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Hey guys, so im sorry ive been MIA lately, ive just been a bit busy at home as we are in the process of moving home but we still have a lot of things to sort out in the current home.

As you can tell from the title, i am abit late on this post as Mothers Day was on Sunday 18th March, but better late than never hey!! So for my mum i bought her a huge card, which i got for a really great deal, i also ordered her a bunch of flowers consisting of dark pink roses and lilies. I was very disappointed in the flowers as i thought that they would deliver them on the day, even though i knew there is not normally any mail delivered on sundays. They came on saturday morning which completely ruined the surprise. So as they came the day before, i was in 2 minds on whether i should put them in water or not, but i decided not to as it would ruin the surprise, even though i knew she was going to see them the next day. The bunch of flowers also came with a free small box of chocolates.

So when i took it out of the box on Mothers Day to give it to my mum, i noticed that the lilies had still not grown yet, only the roses. So i checked back on the website that i had ordered them from, and on the ordering page, there was a little note saying that, i quote: The lilies may arrive closed in bud which means they are as fresh as possible and will last even longer. I really thought they it would come all fully grown and beautiful but instead it just looked like somebody had just picked them from somebodys garden. I was very disappointed, not to mention my mum too, as i had spend £24.80 on them. Not only that, but i noticed that they had enclosed somebody elses greeting card.

Obviously my mum kept putting new water into the jug everyday so that the lilies would start growing and for the roses to stay fresh, but by the time the lilies did start to grow, the roses were staring to die, so i knew it wouldnt work out anyway. I think that their idea of sending the lilies in a closed bud is not good at all. This was the first time ordering from them and i wont be ordering from them again, even though they were slightly cheaper.

Anyway, at lunchtime on Mothers day, we went to Feast India, which is a indian restaurant in the city where i live. As far as i know, and from looking at their website, they dont have any other restaurants in the UK. I had pre-booked a table for 4 as i know that this restaurant does get pretty busy, especially as it was for Mothers Day, even though i have never been there before. This restaurant has been open for a few years but hadnt had a chance to go there until now. Ive heard so many good things about this restaurant so i didnt want to miss out. It is a buffet restaurant which has 6 different themed live kitchens. As i am a big meat lover, i had to try some chicken dishes. I had some chicken wings, bhajias, spicy chicken curry, some chicken kebabs, lemon fish pakoras and on the side some poppadums. I had two helping of food as i was pretty hungry, and as its buffet, you can eat as much as you want. I have to say, i was really impressed with the food. I thought the desserts were so cute as they had desserts cut into little squares like little canapes. They also had fruit cut into little pieces, different assortments of fresh ice cream, jelly and also a chocolate fountain, especially for Mothers Day. The desserts were tasty and didnt make me feel like throwing up at all after eating a heavy meal, which is an added plus. As it was Mothers Day, the price is £1 higher than the normal rate and the same rate is charged for children too. So i paid £15.95 for four people. I definitely it was worth every penny...especially for mum. Oh btw, i forgot to mention that they were giving free alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to all the mothers for free as a complimentary gift. She got the non-alcoholic one as she doesnt drink alcohol. I tried abit of it and it was very nice and sweet. The colour of it was pink which looked good as i love pink.

I hope you enjoyed this post and didnt find it too boring LOL =)

<strong>What did you do for Mothers Day?
How did you treat your mum?</strong>

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