Mother breastfeeds her Pug puppy!! :O

4 years ago

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I was browsing Perez Hilton and found this rather odd story of a woman called Terri Graham who breastfeeds her pug yet bottle-fed her own children!

She noticed that one of her pug`s puppies, named Spider, wasn`t drinking its mother`s milk so she decided to breast-feed it! (in my opinion that`s gross)

This is what she says about it:
"People may say I`m a freak, but having Spider suck on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother. Her tongue tickles and I do feel her teeth, but she latches on in a way that they don`t hurt me. I breastfeed Spider in front of the kids and they think it`s amazing."

What do you think about this???! Personally I think it`s disgusting but each to their own I guess....

Thanks for reading,
- Emily

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