MOTD: Beef and cheese casserole w bruschetta

5 years ago

This is what I made for dinner today. A beef and cheese casserole, with bruschetta.

I was going for something easy and fast, and this was it. I had already taken chicken out but once it defrosted the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. Its quite annoying buying something only to find out its no good. Yuck, so I was working with time, since my hubby was set to come home pretty soon.

I pulled out a small packet of ground beef and put it to defrost in the microwave. Once that was done, I set it to cook on an unoiled skillet. Ground beef cooks pretty fast and there is no need to add anything to the pan as it makes its own fluids as it cooks. While I had that going, I added some elbows to cook in a separate pan. I let that cook for 15 minutes. Once it was done I drained it. I then went back to the ground beef. I drained, added a bit of spaghetti sauce and mixed in the elbows.

I then got a very small aluminum pan, I didn`t want to have a lot left over as that causes us to go back for seconds. I added a layer of the beef and elbows and topped it with shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeese. I continued this until I reached the top. I had done 3 layers. I preset my oven to 375 with 30 minutes. 10 minutes of that time is just to get it heated. I set the pan to the side.

While the oven was heating up I cut the bread I used to make the bruschetta. I cut them into thin slices then spread the bread as far as it can go without breaking the oval. Once thats done I lay it on a sheet of aluminum. In a small dish I melt butter and garlic salt powder in the microwave. Once its melted I cover the bread on both sides. I then put both the casserole and bread in the oven. Turning the bread at 10 minutes.

For the bruschetta topping, I use different ingredients than what is called for since basil is hard to find depending on the season. In a small bowl I had cleaned and chopped tomatoes. I empty out the seeds prior to chopping. I then add olive oil, the dark vinagrette, parsley, and garlic salt. Mix and let sit for 10 minutes. One the timer is up on the oven I spoon dip the contents on to the bread.

Everything turned out delicious! My husband actually asked for a second serving of bruschetta.

I would highly recommend anyone try this. It was absolutely delicious!

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