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4 years ago

On Friday night, I hurt my right eye when I was washing my face. The cleanser with into my eye, stinging it badly. So I immediately removed my contacts even though some of it stuck to my eye due to the cleanser. I was able to remove it but the end result was I scratched my eye by accident, leading to a corneal abrasion. I was in massive pain, every blink felt like something was papercutting my eye and this lasted for 2 hours straight. So my boyfriend drove me to the ER and I was told that I was lucky that it was a minor scratch near the bottom of my eye so it`ll heal within 24 - 48 hours so I get to wear contacts starting on Monday.

I don`t like wearing glasses because:
1. I have a very short nose bridge that starts just past the eyes. This means that the glasses, with or without nose cushions will rest fully on the area between my eyes, which causes sinus problems and the pressure gives me constant migraines. The doctor actually told me to go get botox fillers in my nose so it would fix the situation.
2. I`m always squinting in glasses because they`re so uncomfortable, leading to my eyes being smaller =(
3. I look like a complete dork

Anyways, I didn`t want to look horrible so I learned to do my makeup with glasses as my boyfriend and I went out yesterday.

It`s a horrible idea to do smokey eyes with glasses as most glasses frames are darker and if you add more darkness to your eyes, it`s very overpowering. You actually end up hiding your eyes rather than trying to show them through the glasses.

What I did was, I made sure my skin was nice and bright, especially the eye area. I used brightener and shimmer powder for my eyes so that they show through the glasses. This way you look more awake.

I also did a lot of neutral colors for my upper eyelid to enhance the crease. This way, my eyes would look bigger. I used Tokidoki`s Lion Pippa palette to do this. There were 2 neutral shades, a caramel and a deep black. I used the caramel to line my eyelid and about 2 mm just past the crease. The crease looks very deep and the eyes look more deep set, making them appear bigger. I then used the deep black shadow to highlight the ends of my eyes, giving it a more wide-eyed look. I tightlined the upper lid with Maybelline`s Lasting Drama Eyeliner so that it looks very natural.

I didn`t use mascara as I knew most of it would fall either into my eye or all over my cheeks due to the glasses.

If you guys wear glasses, how do you do your makeup?

*photos are mine*


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