~Most Bizarre Restaurants To Eat~

5 years ago

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I was interested in knowing what kind of bizarre places there were in the world to eat at and was very surprised at what I found ! I found places like a Cannibalistic Restaurant in Japan where you and your guest aside an operating table and attempt to open up and operate on a realistic women`s body made of food. You can "operate" anyway and anywhere you want by cutting open the body and eating what you find inside. The body will actually bleed as you cut it and the intestines and organs inside are completely editable. It`s a banquet of Cannibalism. Gross! And a Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan ,the restaurant has a bathroom decor, with colorful toilet seat being the standard chairs at the restaurant. I wonder what the food is shaped like? Ewww ! Also a Restaurant in the Sky in Belgium that serves dinner for up to 22 people 150 feet in the air! The specially-designed table and chairs are lifted by a crane. Dinner anywhere in Belgium will set you back almost 8 thousand euros; other locations are also available. Remember, you must wear your seat belt, and don`t drop your fork! And last but not possibly least is the Condom Restaurant in Thailand called "Cabbages and Condoms".There are condoms on the walls and pictures of condoms printed on the carpets. Instead of after-dinner mints, patrons are offered a bowl of condoms at the counter. Really ? What`s your thoughts on these bizarre places to eat?
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