Morning After Pill Vending Machine In a College

5 years ago

I have seen a lot of crazy and original vending machines, its really cool to see what type of machines are out there and how crazy some of them are with the products they sell, especially when the only vending machines you see more are the ones with sodas and regular snacks.
So im all up for crazy vending machines but then are ones that cause mixed feelings, and this is one of them.
The vending machine is really a contraception and related items vending machine and it sells condoms, pregnancy tests and Plan B One Step which is a morning after pill for 25$. This machine was setd up in Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania.
This machines seems to be creating some controversy from people, especially religious groups, that are against the machine because of the morning after pill it sells that they consider the same as abortion, others by the fact that these type of pills are easily available to everybody. But then there are others, especially the students that see this vending machine as a good thing and very useful.

Now I also have a bit of mixed feelings about it, not as extreme as some, but still. I think the fact that they have condoms and pregnancy tests available in the machine is great and a good way to allow access to those in a more easy way. The thing that im not sure would be good is the morning after pill and the fact that it is so accessible. Even though it can help people in some part, the fact that is just as easy to get as a can of soda is what im sure about.
Still, its a nice initiative in some part to make contraception more accessible, especially to students ( the machine was placed in a college for a reason), so that part I think is good.

<strong>What about you, what do you think about a machine that sells contraception methods and morning after pills? Are in favor, against, or also with mixed feelings about it?</strong>

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