Morgan Freeman Accused of Incest!

Morgan Freeman recently filed for divorce from his wife Myrna. Now he`s together with his 27 year old step-granddaughter (WTF is that?!) E`Dena. Note: Freeman is currently 72 years old!! (Reverse those digits...). Apparently his affair with E`dena had carried on for 10 years while he was with Myrna. The two kept it very secretive and escaped relatively unscathed by the media and wife.

Now E`dena is pregnant with child, you know what that means! Freeman is her baby daddy!! HELLA GROSS! He is planning on marrying E`dena soon and raising their son/daughter together.

RANT: Morgan Freeman you filthy, perverted, vile, pedophilic SOB get yo` hands off yo` step-granddaughter! Please stop trying to boost your rep by pulling a Roman Polanski! This is sickening. E`dena didn`t your mother ever tell you to stay away from creepy old guys? Esp, ones that are somewhat related to you (by marriage)! How does a 72 year old grandpa fall in love with a 27 year old young woman?

Although some don`t consider this to be incestous, it is pedophilic no doubt. Comment please! I`d love to hear what you think of these two!

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