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4 years ago

So I`ve ended up with more of the Unreal Candy. I don`t know what happened to the files of my images from the first time I bought some---::shrug:: But, since I bought more this weekend, I may as well just share these.

This time I got 3 candies: one that is supposed to be like a Reeces cups, one that is supposed to be like like a Milky Way, and the last one like a snickers.

My son claimed two of them for I had the one that is like a Milky Way. It was really good. It was still sweet but perhaps not QUITE as sweet as a milky way would be.

One thing I have noticed is that the candies don`t seem to really have an official name. It is more of a description of what you`re eating. As in.. "peanut butter cup, chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar".....etc.

We, clearly, like these because we`ve had them a couple of times now. One thing I don`t like, though, is that because they are still newer it is really REALLY hard to find them in stores. A lot of the stores that are listed as supposing to have them ..don`t. I hope as more time goes by they`ll become easier to find. My family hasn`t been able to find any and I`ve given coupons and told them about them (and some even sampled from my first purchase)

<em>--Some of the items shown here were purchased with a coupon provided by and the unreal candy campaign.</em>

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