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4 years ago

I have a strong history in Art and Design. As it turns out it was never going to be the path I walked in life, yet it has still instilled me with many qualities that change the way I view things. Art taught be to look deeper, whilst design taught me to keep things simple, make things the best they can possibly be and constantly try to improve things. Those are some of the most important lessons you can ever learn in life. I remember one of my teachers in particular, because he took things very seriously (maybe too seriously). He once (angrily) lectured our class on the term cardboard, and how its only ever correct to say card or board. At the time we thought he was being excessively pedantic, but it was actually fundamental to the development of any of us as designers. You have to understand what youre working with to effectively create. Along with this lesson he told us that the corrugated board box (Ill stop being pretentious and refer to it as a cardboard box from here) was one of the greatest designs of all time, and you know what? I have to agree. At first glance they may seem boring (because they kind of are) but at least you know what a cardboard box is. In fact everybody knows what a cardboard box is. Its one of the most recognisable items known to people. There arent as many items as a cardboard box that can be instantly recognised in all nations of the world. The cardboard box is multilingual and faces no cultural barriers. It is in essence, one of the only truly global products. The design of the cardboard box has also stood the test of time. Its a lot older than most people expect: its actually a 19th Century design. When exactly in the 19th Century is often debated. Some say 1895 in the US, some say as early as 1840 in France. Whenever the first cardboard box was produced the design as barely changed. Its received a few tweaks here and there, but its essentially remained the same. It doesnt change to change though, because it is very successful at its job. Its very simple in the way it completes its purpose too. Simple folds, and without frills, the cardboard box is a product designed to not be told how to use. You put things in it, you seal it up and you move them. No one needs to be told how to use a cardboard box. The cardboard box is also somewhat of a cultural icon, I would say. In 2005 in what entered into the National Toy Hall of Fame. How cool is that? Anyway, if you`re sold by the idea of the cardboard box and you suddenly feel the urge to send something, head over to, who say they`re the cheapest packaging folk in Europe. design

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