Mophie Air vs UNU juice pack for iphone 44s

4 years ago

Hey everyone! i previously posted a blog about the UNU i had which is a external battery pack for iphone 4/4s and i totally love it but everyone was raving about the mophie juice pack air, so i decided to check out the hype. i saw it on sale on and decided to go ahead and purchase it since it retails for 70$ at bestbuy and staples, i have a white iphone 4s so i decided to go with the white case even though i wouldnt have minded the red or the black case which was available for option as you can see from the picture above the mophie consist of a more rounded edge design which i can see why alot of people prefer it but it is BULKIER than the UNU that i own, i would have thought the mophie would be more compact and stick to the iphone like a glove since it was so hyped and talked about, as for weight they both weight the same to me ...its not like the mophie air is lighter than my unu, i check on the mophie website they provide 1 year warranty for all mophie cases and i just registered my item on their website just incase anything happens :) I just got it in the mail so im not sure how the battery power is but if you are interested in the battery power of the mophie air i will post a future blog about it.

The Unu has a power button in the back where its one button to turn on and off whereas the mophie has two buttons one on the bottom and one on the side, i cant speak for the mophie air yet but the battery on the unu is extremely good and can recharge my battery to 100% in times of need, as for design of course the mophie air wins its more rounded and appealing even though its bulkier. The unu however is very durable i happened to drop it once by accident and it still works prefectly fine and provided excellent protection to my iphone.

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