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It`s September which means the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival is coming.

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates a pair of lovers who see each other once a year. The wife being on the moon.

The mooncakes have significance as during a brutal civil war, messages were baked into the mooncake informing people of the upcoming revolution.

Mooncakes are very rich, especially the traditional ones.
The traditional ones are made of lotus paste with two salted egg yolks in the middle. It is very oily as well.

Each mooncake, which is smaller than the size of your palm, is basically around 1000 calories. Hence, a knife is given where you can cut the mooncake and share it.

The non-traditional ones, including icy skin, ice cream, fruit and jelly mooncakes are a lot less fattening as they use other ingredients, such as gelatin.

I remember the first year of university, my friends and I bought 5 boxes of traditional mooncake and pounded on every door in our residence giving people mooncake.

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