Montreal - Saint Joseph Oratory

4 years ago

When I was in Montreal, I decided to visit a popular tourist attraction.

It was actually a church on a very steep hill. It was called Saint Joseph`s Oratory.

The church itself was established in 1904 but it did not get complete until the 1960s.

When I got there, I was very shocked on how much you needed to travel to get up to the main chapel. A bus would take you to the first flight of stairs but that`s about it. You would have to walk the rest.

The church itself is split into 2 main levels. The first level is the entrance and after 3 flights of stairs you get there. Once you walk out the balcony, you look out towards the suburbs of Montreal and it is breathtaking.

Then you head back out and walk another 2 flights of stairs into the main chapel. The main chapel is breathtaking as you can see from my photo. There`s golden light beaming from the sunlight outside and immediately the atmosphere is very quiet and you feel very humble inside.

The main chapel holds about 1000 people and its open everyday for tourists. It was one of the most amazing places I`ve been to. You really feel spiritual even if you are not religious when you`re in this chapel.

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