Montagne Jeunesse: Clean Up Mud Mask

5 years ago

I really enjoy using masks on a daily basis. Not only does it refreshes my face, it helps me relax in a way too. I love purchasing <em>Montagne Jeunesse</em> masks since they are affordable and they work pretty well. It realy depends on which kind though because not all are made for your type of skin type. The one that I used now is called the <strong>Clean Up Mud Mask</strong> which cost me $1.99 but you can always catch them on sale for even cheaper. This mask is for <strong>deep cleansing</strong> according to the product. I hope you will enjoy reading my review for this product.

- Cheap & affordable.
- There is a lot of product in one packet, I can probably save one packet for two time usage if I wanted to.
- Definitely can cover your entire face.
- It makes my skin feel very soft and hydrated
- Smells pretty good (to me, but might vary depending on you)
- Feels pretty refreshing on my face.
- Makes my skin feel very clean and bright

- The minty scent can cause your eye to burn if you are sensitive to minty scents like I am so I try not to apply to areas close to my eyes.
- Grayish green in shade, it doesn`t look the most appealing
- Not available at all drugstores

- None really.

When applying the mask, try to distribute it evenly because if certain areas contain more products than the rest, it will dry slower. When it dries it hardens, making your face really hard to move and a tad bit uncomfortable. You leave it on for about 10-15 minutes then you go rinse it off. When I rinsed it off, it made my skin feel really soft and moisturized compared to other products I have used in the past. I still had to apply moisturizer to my face because my skin is usually very dry in the winter to begin with so when water touches my face, my face easily gets dry and a tad bit tight so moisturizer is always needed for me.

Overall, I recommend this product for you all to try. It does a pretty nice job during it`s job for deep cleansing like it claims. My Rating for this product is 9/10, took out a point because of the minty type of scent and that it wasn`t too appealing for me to look at, other than that, I love it and will be using it again. Luckily I bought a couple of this one.

<em>Have you ever tried any Montagne Jeunesse Mask before?
Do you like to put a mask on a daily basis?</em>

<strong>P.S. I hope I don`t scare you all LOL</strong>

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