Montagne Jeunesse Anti-Stress Cucumber Peel Off Mask

5 years ago

I have bought a few of these and tried a couple of the different kinds. So far, I have only used the peel of versions and not the mud masks or chocolate masks.

I try to use the peel off masks once per week. I feel that is a good amount. Not too frequently, but enough to feel that it is a nice pampering from time to time.

Basically, these are a one time use packet you can buy from many drugstores. I actually find these in the beauty aisle of my local grocery store. They cost me about $1.10, give or take a few pennies. They don`t break the bank, that is for sure. I think they are a fair price, though, I know some of the tube peel off masks have more uses for just a few bucks more. I`ll have to try those at some point.

They are so easy to use. You just squeeze out the product, which is a gel consistency, and smooth it over your face. Avoid the eyes, mouth, and hairline. The packets say to allow to try (I think it says 10-20 minutes). I don`t really go by their time. I just make sure to wait for it to be fully dry. You`ll be able to tell when it is time. It won`t feel cold and your skin will start to feel tight where the product is constricting as it dries. When you peel, just pick an edge and GENTLY peel away. It feels kind of cool coming off. I like to freak out my son (mean mommy!).

I`ll be honest, I don`t know how much ACTUAL good they`re doing. My skin does feel smoother and softer after using, but that doesn`t last days or anything. I think I enjoy the experience more than anything, lol!

Now.... the scent. All the others I have tried had a nice, fruity kind of smell that was quite pleasant. This one said cucumber, but... I don`t know what kind of cucumber they were thinking of when they created this scent. To me, it smelled very pungent and took my breath away as I was smoothing it onto my skin. I think of fresh, light smells when I hear cucumber. This was the opposite. I can`t even put my finger on WHAT exactly it reminded me of. Somewhere between strong chemicals and overly pungent shower gel? I don`t know.. I didn`t like it, though. This is supposed to be an anti-stress mask and that smell certainly didn`t calm me and remove my stress. BLECH!

I won`t be buying this particular one again. I didn`t enjoy the smell. Granted, the smell did die down the longer it sat on my skin, but it wasn`t an enjoyable experience waiting for that to happen. This particular mask gets a thumbs down from me.


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