Monster`s Inc. Gift Basket

3 years ago

Two weeks ago was my nephew/godsons baptism! With me being his godmother I got carried away and got him way too many presents, but one of the gifts I got him that I personally put together was this Monsters Inc. themed gift basket. When his mom (my cousin) was still pregnant with him her babyshower was monsters inc. themed and she also had monsters inc items in the gift registry for the baptism so I decided to make this monsters themed basket. Nothing everything is exactly Monsters Inc trademarked items but some of the other clothing items were from Carters that had cute little monster prints on them. So starting with the basket, I got this aqua colored basket because the color matched Sulley (monsters inc character) and I got the basket from Daiso. The bottom portion of the basket has stuffing in it so that all the items can be placed on top without sinking. You cant clearly see everything with it being wrapped up but I have inside two carters onsie pajama type of outfits with monster print on them and on of them says aunties little monster on them which I thought was cute. Then another pajama onsie inside I got from Babies R Us and its all chartreuse green with an eyeball in the center to look like Mike Wazowski and that also came with a hat. All the way in the back but you cans see it are monsters inc crib bed sheets and I also added three toys that was on the registry. Lastly my favorite part is the Monsters University shirt that I have draped in front over the basket that I got at Del Sol while I was in Alaska. The shirt is white but in the sunlight it changes colors! I wrapped everything with shrink wrap which I got at the dollar store. I didnt even know they had shrink wrap at the dollar store so it was an awesome find and because the shrink wrap grips to the basket with the use of a hair dryer it just makes the gift basket look that much better!

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