Monster quotRehabquot Energy tea Drink

4 years ago

I picked up this energy drink at Walgreen`s during the week but never got around to drinking it, until today. I was so exhausted, the thought of moving made me tired. I`d been up since 6 am and by 7 I wanted to just go to bed. I had a birthday party to go to and since my eyes were beginning to go cross-eyed I knew I needed to do something. I grabbed this new <strong>Monster Rehab energy drink</strong> out of the fridge. I typically don`t drink monster, but this only had 10 calories per serving (almost 2 servings in the can) and what really made me buy it was that it was a mixture of tea and lemonade (my FAVORITE combination). It promised a boost of energy ..... but sadly, I don`t think it lived up to the hype. It tasted really good but I wasn`t energized. I was still as tired as I was, but my eyes weren`t rolling back in my head any longer. Would I buy again? Yes because it tastes yummy -- but not if I REALLY needed a caffeine jump start.

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