Monster Party! Whoa!

4 years ago

Manstuh puty Whoa! Another zany NES classic.... class CLASSIC!
This unique little number was released by Bandai in 1989. The game itself is your basic action plat former, but its presentation and style is really what sets it apart. Oddly enough this game was a U.S exclusive only release, despite the Japanese prototype of the game, it was never released in Japan. The story take place with our hero(Mark) helping an otherworldly munster(Bert) save his homeland by some evil munsters. The objective of the game is to obtain a key in each stage in order to get to the next stage until finally reaching the final stage. simple right... well yes except for NO! As you go through the level you`ll run across these doors which sometimes contain bosses in them. there are three bosses in each level, you must defeat all in order to obtain the key(on the same life per stage). Not to mention the enemies scattered all over the stage, whoa! i`m gonna be having nightmares. though each enemy was pretty unique, hell even the bosses too, each boss came with their own funny/cool one liner that made you feel good as you were playing the game. even for a kids game the style was so bloody and gory, but it was still pretty cool. Bottom line is i love this game and you should too WHY? because i said so, But seriously this game is pretty amazing. You should really check it out on your free time, i guarantee you`ll have fun, and tons of laughs. This has been an Ace Review, Thanks for reading.
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