Monster Energy: Avoid This Dangerous Drink

4 years ago

Many of us drink Monster energy. It is a popular drink and I`m glad to say I haven`t tried it.
5 people have already died since drinking Monster, the most recent a 15 year old girl who had just 2 cans. However, Monster has ignored these stories and carried on producing these drinks.
The drink has an excessive amount of caffeine in it and this can cause dehydration and cardiac problems. If you drink around 4 to 5 cans of this drink in one day, there is a very high chance you will die or become very sick. Drinking more than two of these a day is very bad for you and exceeds your daily needed amount of Niacin. Too much Niacin causes sweat, overheating and jitters.
The drink also contains a lot of herbal content, sugar and carbs. The amount of sugar can cause laxative effects and after your energy boost, you become fatigue. A can of Monster contains 54g of sugar, which is a very high insulin level. High insulin can cause headaches, comas, trembles and seizures. Monster Energy Drinks, like many other energy drinks, contain numerous herbs. These include taurine and ginseng among many others. Although the effects of many of these ingredients have not been studied, manufacturers are not obligated by law to state where the ingredients originated, whether they were sprayed with pesticides or other toxins, or if they have been in contact with contaminated water. There is no way to verify the safety of these ingredients.
The only positive effect of Monster is a short term energy boost, which isn`t worth everything you are putting your body through.
I would strongly recommend to stay clear away from this drink, as well as other energy drinks like Red Bull. If you do want an extra source of energy try to eat a chocolate bar or drink Lucozade or tea. Even if you don`t die from drinking this, it can cause long term health problems so really stay clear away.
What do you think about this drink? Should it be legal?

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